Butte Sailing Club - Thermalito Forebay - Oroville, CA | Directions | GPS: 39.536944, -121.586845

Adult Beginning Sailing Instruction (ages 16+)

US Sailing book “Learn Sailing Right – Beginning Sailing” – Available on Amazon

Course Highlights
4 Sessions (4 weeks)
4 weeknights (5pm to 8:30pm)
Sailing Certificate (Beginner) at end of class

Evening Class #1 (5-8:30pm)

Rigging & Parts of the boat – basic knot tying

Wind Direction & Points of Sail

Steering the boat and Trimming your sails (on land training)

Safety & Basic Rules on the water (swim test, student must swim 20 yards with PFD on)


Evening Class #2 (5-8:30pm)

Sail Trim and Points of Sail- Learning to read the strings

Tacking, jibing and sailing the course

Rules of the Road #2, docking and departure reviews

Safety & Recovery – righting the boat (at the dock)


Evening Class #3 (5-8:30pm)

Upwind sailing and finding the grove- Learning the no go zone

Tacking, jibing, reaching and sailing the course

Rules of the Road 3

Safety & Recovery – Person in the Water (recovery), Capsizing & Recovery (practice at dock)


Evening Class #4 (5-8:30pm)

30 min classroom – 10 question quiz

Rigging boats

Sailing Practice – sailing the buoy course efficiently



Student must bring:
Hat & Sunscreen
Light jacket
Change of clothing
24 oz. water bottle
Snack for break time
School provided PFD

Students are required to:
Swim 20 yards with PFD (personal floatation device) on
Must wear PFD at ALL TIMES while on dock or sailboats, zero tolerance
Obey instructors and all safety rules
Wear sunscreen and hat
Be willing to be wet and in and out of the water
Attend all classroom sessions to sail on the water
No cell phones in classroom or on the water

Class Fees:

$TBD per student

Curriculum is purchased by Forebay Aquatic Center and provided by US Sailing. This is not a US Sailing certified class. All class instructors are volunteer lifetime sailors of the Butte Sailing Club, each with more than 10 years sailing experience. A release of liability must be signed by each student.


Class size is limited to 3 students per boat

1 instructor per 4 student ratio is required

Students must be present at all classroom sessions to earn on water sailing practice times.

1 safety/training motorized boat per 2 sailboats on the water at all times